June 8, 2010

CSA - Week 1

This is my second year belonging to a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) with a local farm.  I prepay to receive a share each week through October.  The farm provides whatever produce is ready that week.  The season starts out light with overflowing portions later on.  I thought it would be fun to record what I receive each week and how I incorporate the produce into meals.
This week's share included spring onions, radishes, popcorn, lettuce, strawberries, garlic scapes, and half dozen eggs (eggs not pictured).  Garlic scapes are the stem part of garlic.  They're firmer than scallions, but similar.  They have a garlic flavor, though it's less potent than garlic bulbs.  
Aren't these strawberries gorgeous?
This is the popcorn.  I put one ear of corn into a paper sack and microwaved it.  This photo shows the result - it really worked!  Well, not all of it popped, but my paper sack was big and didn't rotate in the microwave, which probably prevented even popping.

My uses of the produce weren't too exciting this week.  I did put the garlic scapes in a beef stir-fry.  They remained pretty firm and added nice garlic flavor.  Because they were already very ripe, I pureed the strawberries and dropped them by tablespoon into ice cube trays.  After they froze, I transferred them to a ziploc bag to save for later (cupcakes, gelato, add to smoothies or yogurt).

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