July 11, 2011


The second vegetable in my produce series is kale.  You may have noticed quite a few kale recipes posted before.  Again, like chard, I hadn't even heard of it as of a few years ago.  But now I know better.  Kale is super nutritious, and in my opinion, not too bad tasting either.  If you've tried it before and weren't sold, I recommend two things: try some from a farmer's market and make sure you have a yummy recipe.  That's where I can help.

With all plants, there are many varieties.  I'm not an expert on all varieties kale.  In my mind there are two kinds: curly and dark.  Here's the curly specimen:

And here's the dark, flat specimen (though this bunch is not as dark as some. It can take on an almost purple hue.):

The dark variety is also known as cavolo nero or Tuscan kale.

Kale keeps its structure much more than other greens, unlike chard or spinach. Raw kale is a little bitter, but with the right seasonings, this is not a problem.

I don't have any new recipes to share with you containing kale, but look at this list already posted on my blog:

Basic preparation:
Pan-Toasted Kale with Balsamic Vinegar
Kale Chips

Salads too good to be true:

Cooked and hidden in soups:

Two readers tried kale in this recipe and recommend it:
Fusilli with Chard and Sausage

Do you have favorite preparations for kale? Let me know if you try any of mine and like them.

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