September 5, 2012

Maple Walnut Cream Cheese

Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the U.S. So to immerse myself in Vermont culture, I bought this:

Yes, that's a whole gallon. Once opened, long term storage is best in the freezer. I bought grade B, as the maple flavor is very strong, which is good for baking. Of course it's so good on waffles too!

When we first arrived in Vermont, we visited the Maple Candy store on Main Street. There my mother-in-law bought me the Official Vermont Maple Cookbook. It contains all sorts of recipes, including main dishes and salads. I can't wait to try more recipes soon (butternut squash, apple and fennel salad with maple vinaigrette sounds amazing).

This simple cream cheese dip tasted delicious with apples. I need to tackle homemade bagels. When I do, a batch of this cream cheese will accompany them.

Maple Walnut Cream Cheese
from The Official Vermont Maple Cookbook

4 Tbsp. maple syrup
1 c. cream cheese, softened
2 Tbsp. walnuts, chopped

Mix ingredients in a food processor until smooth, or leave the walnuts a little chunky.


krhjohns said...

Invite me over when you make the bagels.

Hello olleH said...

mmm...I love REAL maple syrup. How much did that cost? I can buy a quart at Costco for $13, although Devin forbids me from getting it. :( He loves it too.